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Legal notice

© Instituto de Turismo de España, TURESPAÑA. Its reproduction either in full or in part and by any means is prohibited unless expressly authorised in writing.

Personal use of the text, data and information on these pages is permitted. However, permission is required from the Spanish Tourism Institute, TURESPAÑA, to publish said content in any format or to use it, distribute it or include it in other contexts accessible to third parties.

© of authorised reproductions.

A) General Conditions of Use for the information

The use of the information contained on this server implies your acceptance of the following conditions of use:

The Spanish Tourism Institute, TURESPAÑA, has created this website to make it easier for users, mainly potential foreign visitors, to access official tourism training. The data contained here come from a variety of sources. The Spanish Tourism Institute, TURESPAÑA, makes this material available to users on an individual basis, as an end-user licence. Therefore, any commercial use of this right of access is prohibited.

Use of this information is authorised provided the source is quoted: Source: Nevertheless, copying or reproduction of data using any electronic media (networks, data bases or electronic publications), which make this information available to multiple users without prior written consent from the Spanish Tourism Institute, is prohibited.

Quality of the information. The data and other material appearing on this server have been included according to strict quality control procedures. However, the Spanish Tourism Institute will not be held responsible for the content of this server. In particular, the Spanish Tourism Institute does not undertake to update content immediately. The data contained here should not be considered official. Only those data that appear in printed publications by the Spanish Tourism Institute, TURESPAÑA, or that have been expressly certified by the Spanish Tourism Institute-controlled services, should be considered official. The prices of products and services appearing on the website may not be correct.

The Spanish Tourism Institute, TURESPAÑA, will not be held liable for any damages incurred by the user deriving from the access to the server or from the use of any information or applications it contains.

The Spanish Tourism Institute, TURESPAÑA, permits the unrestricted consultation, free of charge, of this information. It is not permitted to copy and distribute pages even in the case that the source is cited; nor can the contents be manipulated or altered or used directly for commercial ends.

This website does not provide any kind of recommendation or advice regarding tourist products or services, nor of any other type.

The use of certain services offered on this site is also governed by the particular conditions specified in each case, which may substitute, complete and/or modify these Conditions of Use. Therefore before using these services, the User must also carefully read the special conditions applying, which will be deemed as having been accepted merely by the use of the services.

The display, printing and partial downloading of content from the website is authorised solely and exclusively under the following conditions:

That it should be compatible with the purposes for the website

That it should be carried out with the exclusive aim of obtaining the information contained for personal and private use. Its use for commercial ends or distribution, public communication, transformation or decompilation is expressly prohibited. However, publication of the content on any platform, or its use, distribution or inclusion in other contexts available to third parties may be authorised by TURESPAÑA.

That none of the content relating to this website be modified in any way whatsoever.

TURESPAÑA reserves the right to modify and update the information contained on its website, and the configuration and presentation and conditions of access, at any time and without prior notice.

That no graphics, icon, video or image available on this website be used, copied or distributed separately from the text or other images accompanying it.

TURESPAÑA does not guarantee that access to the website will be free from interruptions or errors in content, nor that it will be updated, although it will make every effort to avoid, repair and update such interruptions and errors when necessary.

Intellectual and industrial property

Conditions of use and access to the website

The services offered on the website are, in the main, and unless stated otherwise, free of charge.

The User guarantees that the information supplied when registering for the services requiring User Registration is true and authentic, and is obliged to keep this information updated. In all cases, the User is solely responsible for providing false or erroneous statements and for the damage this may cause TURESPAÑA or third parties.

The User agrees to use the content and services available through the website in accordance with these General Conditions and the Specific Conditions established for certain services, and also in accordance with that specified by the Law, moral conduct, good customs and public order.

The User undertakes to respect the intellectual property rights of TURESPAÑA and third parties, and to this end, will refrain from reproducing, copying, distributing, broadcasting or any other form of public communication, transforming or modifying the content, unless authorised by the owner of these rights, or it is legally permitted to do so.

The User cannot use the data obtained from the website to make electronic, publicity, promotion or commercial communications without prior consent from those affected.

Minors using the Services must obtain prior permission from their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be held responsible for any actions made by minors under their charge. Full responsibility for deciding the specific content and services that minors can access lies with the adults responsible for them. As it is possible for minors to access unsuitable information over the Internet, Users are informed that there are devices, mainly computer programs for filtering and blocking information, and which limit what content is available; although they are not infallible, they are particularly useful for controlling and restricting material that minors may access.

Rights granted to TURESPAÑA by the User.

When uploading or publishing a file on the website the user is granting:

To the benefit of TURESPAÑA, a worldwide licence, non-exclusive, exempt from royalties, transferable (with right to a sub-licence) to use, reproduce, distribute, carry out work deriving from this, display and execute the User File in relation to providing services, and with the operation of the website and TURESPAÑA's activities, including unlimited capacity to promote and redistribute all or part of the website (and work deriving from this) in any format and through any channel of communication.

To the benefit of each website user, a worldwide licence, non-exclusive and exempt from royalties, to access the User's Files through the website, and to use, reproduce, distribute, carry out work deriving from these, display and execute these User file as far as the operating capacity of the website permits, and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Obligations for the correct use of the website, services and content

The User undertakes to use the website and services in accordance with the law, these Conditions of Use, the Special Conditions for certain services, and other notices, rules of use and instructions of which he or she is made aware, and in accordance with moral standards, generally accepted decent behaviour and public order.

To this effect, the User will refrain from using any services for illicit purposes, prohibited under these Conditions of Use, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any form may damage, render useless, overload or prevent normal use of services, computer equipment or documents and files and any type of content saved to any IT equipment at TURESPAÑA or other Internet Users (hardware and software).

In particular, and including but not limited to the following, the User undertakes not to transmit, disseminate or make available to third parties information, data, content, sound and/or image files, software and, in general, any type of material that:

In any way opposes, denigrates or impugns the fundamental rights and public liberties recognised in the constitution, international treaties or remaining legislation.

Induces, incites or promotes actions that are criminal, derogatory, defamatory or, generally contrary to law, moral standards, generally accepted good habits or public order; or discriminatory actions, attitudes and thoughts on grounds of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or status.

Is false, ambiguous, incorrect, exaggerated or inappropriate, with the result that it induces, or may induce, errors on the subject or the intentions and purposes of the communicator.

Is protected by any intellectual property rights belonging to third parties, without the User having obtained prior authorisation from the owners which is required in order to effect the use, or desired use.

That in any way discredits TURESPAÑA or third parties.

Consists of either illegal, deceptive or unfair publicity, and in general, constitutes unfair competition.

Whose characteristics cause disruption to the normal operation of the service.

Furthermore, the User undertakes to use the content provided to the website Users, by which is understood, and by way of example only, texts, photographs, graphic design, images, icons, technology, software, links and audiovisual or audio content, in addition to graphic design and source codes (hereinafter the Contents), in accordance with the law, these Conditions of Use, the Special Conditions for certain Services and other notices, rules of use and instructions made known to Users, and in accordance with moral standards and generally accepted good habits and public order.

TURESPAÑA will monitor the User Files published on the website to ensure they comply with these Conditions of Use, and reserves the right to remove any User File from the Facebook website.

For the use made by Users of the website

TURESPAÑA has neither the obligation nor the ability to control the use made of the website, its services and its contents by the users. More specifically, TURESPAÑA does not guarantee that Users will use these contents in accordance with these Conditions of Use or any Special Conditions, notices, rules of use and instructions that may be applicable, nor that they will do so in a lawful and appropriate fashion, and excludes any liability for loss or damage of any kind that may arise from the unlawful, incorrect, inappropriate or inadequate use that Users may make of the website, its services and content.

Furthermore, TURESPAÑA does not guarantee that the website can be used in privacy and safety, and in particular, that unauthorised third parties are unable to obtain information on the type, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of use made by Users of the website, and therefore will not be held responsible for loss or damage of any type that may arise from such unauthorised access.

If any of these conditions were to be declared illegal, invalid or inapplicable due to a law in the State in which these conditions are applied, they will be considered void (to the extent and under the jurisdiction that these conditions become illegal, invalid or inapplicable); nevertheless, the remaining terms and conditions will continue in force and remain binding and enforceable.

For all the pages on this site Copyright © 2020. INSTITUTO DE TURISMO DE ESPAÑA – TURESPAÑA.

Technical support. Any query or comment on the content of this survey should be addressed to the Spanish Tourism Institute, TURESPAÑA.

This licence for use is governed by Spanish law regardless of the user's situation in law. Any dispute that may arise in the interpretation of this agreement will be resolved by the Spanish courts.

B) Personal Data Protection Policy

Data protection

In compliance with current legislation regarding the protection of personal data, TURESPAÑA hereby informs you that the personal data you provide when completing the online form on the website will be processed electronically and stored in a data file.

The processing of your personal data is carried out for the purpose of managing registration for the training courses offered by Turespaña.

The data processed for this purpose will be collected via the form on the website. By providing the data requested for this purpose, you give your express consent for that data to be registered in a digital file hosted on Turespaña's servers.

The legitimate interest basis for processing data stored in the aforementioned file is to manage your registration and participation in the courses scheduled as part of the training programme.

Additionally, the data stored on the training platform may be used to communicate news and information about upcoming courses or events that may be of interest to users.

Please inform Turespaña immediately of any changes to your personal data, so that the information contained in our files is always up to date and contains no errors.

Data Controller:

  • The functions of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) for the existing databases held by the Spanish Tourism Institute (TURESPAÑA) have been assigned to Mr Francisco Javier Nozal Millán, associated with his role as the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

  • His contact details are as follows: Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Paseo de la Castellana 160. 28071. MADRID. Email:

Data storage

The Spain Specialist Program project runs on an ongoing basis, and we hereby inform you that the data processed to facilitate the smooth functioning of the project will be stored for as long as the user maintains a relationship with the project, or exercises any of her/his legitimate rights.


The contact address provided may be used for submitting queries, requests for access to personal data, to request that it be rectified or deleted, to request that its processing be restricted, to oppose its processing, or to request portability of the data.

Data subjects have the right to access their personal data, as well as to request that incorrect data be rectified, and where appropriate to request its deletion when the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, among other reasons.

Provided that it does not contravene the applicable legislation in force or contractual agreements between the Parties, data subjects may request that the processing of their data be restricted, in which case we will only keep it for managing disputes between the Parties, or effectively maintaining the relationship between the Parties.

Where circumstances permit, and for reasons related to their specific situation, data subjects may object to the processing of their data. Turespaña will stop processing the data, deregister them as users participating in the Spain Specialist Program project and delete their information. A minimum amount of information only will be frozen and stored in order to fulfil imperative legitimate requirements, to exercise or defend possible claims, or to comply with the legislation in force.


Your data is processed for legitimate reasons associated with operating the Spain Specialist Program in accordance with the signing of a protocol of adhesion to said project, your requests for advice or information, and the circulation of news and information about the same, as the case may be.

Data recipients

The personal data you provide to us relating to online training is stored on servers located within the European Union.

No special or sensitive data is collected during the processing of personal data carried out by Turespaña within the framework of its Spain Specialist Program project.

Data source

The personal data that we process is primarily provided by the data subject within the framework of operating the Spain Specialist Program project. In the case of data that has not been expressly provided by the data subject him/herself, or of processing that is not compatible with the existing purposes, we will request your consent before processing it.

Turespaña informs you that the necessary technical and organisational security measures have been implemented to guarantee the security of your personal data and prevent any alteration, loss, unauthorised processing and/or access, taking into account the level of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which it is exposed, regardless of whether these should arise from human action or from the physical or natural environment.

Email does not ensure the confidentiality or integrity of messages sent, or that those messages are received correctly. Turespaña accepts no responsibility for these circumstances. If as a user you do not consent to the use of email, please let us know by sending a message to, so that an alternative channel of communication may be established.

The communication of data by the user via the means provided implies acceptance of these clauses, which are necessary for establishing and maintaining the relationship between the Parties.

Our Data Protection Policy may vary as a result of possible legislative changes, or changes in Data Protection Agency criteria, but in all cases, any changes introduced will be those that are necessary in order to adapt our policy to comply with current legislation, and to the criteria for protecting users and customers. Should any changes occur, we will keep you informed via this page.

C) Cookie Policy

What are they?

Cookies are tiny files saved in a computer and designed to store small amounts of data. These data are used to track information on your visits to and between websites. Cookies have existed for a number of years, and are very widespread. You may already have cookies activated in your computer. Don't worry. Cookies won't damage your computer, and does not store any pieces of information that can identify you personally in the cookies it creates. We use cookies to store encrypted data to make your visit to our site as enjoyable and satisfactory as possible. Because of the essential information they contain, cookies allow us to determine the type of content that may interest you. As well as automatically and more accurately helping to adapt the experience offered to you by our website, cookies also enable us to identify any error you might find.

Why are we telling you this?

We’re telling you this because, as stipulated by the European Union legislation applicable to all websites, it is essential to inform the user about the use of cookies, and we want to be clear and honest with you at all times with regard to your privacy when using our website.

What types of cookies do we use?

The Spain Specialist Program project website uses cookies for a variety of purposes, including remembering your browsing and usage preferences, language settings, service registration support and user identification.

  • Session cookies: these allow storage of a unique session identifier, which makes it possible to link the data required to support browsing. Such cookies are active only for the duration of the visit to the website, and expire when the user closes the browser.

  • Registration cookies: these are created when the user registers or logs in to a session in private areas of the website, and they gather information on the user’s identity with the aim of personalising the accessed services.

How can you manage cookies?

Although each web browser is configured in a specific way, all provide the means for you to restrict, block or delete cookies generated by Turespaña or by any other website.

Different browsers work in different ways; the ‘Help’ function in each will explain how to do this.

  • Internet Explorer

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  • Safari

Third-party cookies

When you visit the website, you may see that some of the cookies are not related to our site. To compile statistics on the use of the web, we use cookies in order to learn more about our visitors and the contents they find most interesting, focusing our effort on improving the areas that are visited most, and helping users to find what they're looking for more easily. The information from your visit may be used to make assessments and statistical calculations on anonymous data, to guarantee the continuity of the service, or to make improvements to the website. For further details, please click on the following link to view the privacy policy: When you visit one of our pages with embedded content - for example, if you want to view a map hosted on Google Maps - you may be sent cookies from those other websites. We have no control at all over the configuration of these cookies. If you're worried about cookies, the best idea is to check the third-party websites to obtain more information on their cookies and how to manage them.