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Honor Code

All students registered on the platform certify that they will observe the following Code of Honour:

  1. I will register using only one account, and will not allow anyone else to use my username and/or password. I will not create a fake profile or steal others' identity.
  2. The answers I give in activities and exams will be the result of my own work as a student on each of the courses that I take, except in those cases where it is clearly stated that collaboration is permitted.
  3. I will not provide or share with anyone else the answers to self-assessments, tests, exams and/or any other type of activity for the courses I am enrolled on (neither those I have generated myself, nor any official answers to which I may have access).
  4. When taking part in debates, I will always be respectful and will abstain from making comments of a defamatory or threatening nature; this includes any form of illegal activity or inciting others to engage in such activity; anything that may infringe the intellectual property rights of others, inclusive of, but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks or trade secrets; that contains obscene language or audiovisual content; that may in any way cause harm to other users or visitors; that in any way violates current local, regional, national or international legislation; that attacks the vulnerability of any system or network; that breaches or circumvents security measures; that hinders or affects any other user, server or network, for example by sending a virus, spam, or mass messages to any other user, or to the site, services, or spaces used for the courses.

Turespaña does not monitor content posted by users, but it does reserve the right to remove prohibited content on becoming aware of that content being published, although it is under no obligation to do so.

This Code of Honour may be reviewed and modified at any time at the discretion of Turespaña.

All changes made will come into force with immediate effect as soon as they are published. This implies that, on accessing the platform, the user accepts any modifications that have been made. Information regarding modifications can be found in this section at all times.